Jason Aldean's Wife Brittany Reveals She Built a Spa in Their New Home

Jason Aldean and wife Brittany Aldean moved into their new home outside of Nashville in 2020 after years of construction, and along with a resort backyard, bowling alley and other amenities, the property also houses a spa. "It's where we get pedicures and do all the girl things," Brittany told Taste of Country, referring to the spa as "the girl extension" of her and Jason's home. According to the outlet, Brittany's spa features "lush furniture, leopard print throw pillows, and a marble wallpaper wall."

Brittany recently told PopCulture.com that having the home finished in early 2020 was "a blessing because we'd been home so much, obviously, for the craziness" of the pandemic. "So it was kind of a blessing that it happened the way it did," she said. "We worked on it for about two, two and a half years and now we've been in it for a little bit." During an appearance on Country Countdown USA last year, Jason named the bowling alley as one of his favorite parts of the house. "We entertain people a lot, we do all the holidays, all the families come to our house, it's a place where everyone can go and have fun," he shared. "We have bowling, shuffleboard, and a couple race car games, corn hole, and it's hard not to say that's not my favorite room."

The singer added that he was "pretty involved" in overseeing construction on the property. "If something's not right, I'll tell them to fix it," he explained. "I'm kind of OCD on stuff. If there's one thing off, I'll spot it, it'll drive me crazy, and they'll have to fix it. I'm more involved in the layout and how it works, and my wife's more involved in how it looks. It works out pretty well." Other features of the massive home, which Brittany shared is over 20,000 square feet, include a basketball court, tiki bar, palm trees and a playroom with a stage for the couple's kids, 3-year-old son Memphis and 2-year-old daughter Navy.


"I feel like I'm a little spoiled that when it starts back up, I'm gonna be having all these days alone," Brittany said of Jason's eventual return to touring. "But it's nice we kind of divide and conquer with the babies. We'll each take a kid and while one gets them up, the other one's changing a diaper and then one's making lunch while the other one's getting their seats ready. Whatever it is, it just makes it easy to have him around all the time and fun and enjoyable and I'm happy for him because he's getting to see so many moments that he would typically miss with the babies. So it's really nice."