Jake Owen's New 'Made for You' Video Stars His Girlfriend and Daughters

Like all artists, Jake Owen had to get creative when shooting his new music video during quarantine, but the singer didn't have to look too far to find the stars of the clip. On Wednesday, Owen debuted the music video for his new single "Made for You," and along with fan videos, the clip also features Owen's girlfriend, Erica Hartlein, and his two daughters, Pearl and Paris.

"This is a song about love," a message on the screen declares at the beginning of the video. "Love for people and moments in our lives. You all shared examples of those moments in your life and some of them are in this video..." Owen and Hartlein share 15-month-old daughter Paris Hartley, and Owen shares 7-year-old daughter Olive Pearl, who goes by her middle name, with his ex-wife Lacey Buchanan. The video starts with Owen, Hartlein and the girls in their kitchen, and continues with a group outdoors by the lake, where Pearl shows off her wakeboarding skills. The clips of the family are interspersed with fan footage of parents and their kids, couples and more.

"I was looking for love of all different types and representations," Owen told PEOPLE of the video. "There were so many submissions [so it was] hard to choose."

"As a performer, just getting to perform my songs to a live audience every night on the road, you really see how every song starts out with a story from how it's written at first, but it evolves... and becomes a different story with a different meaning to each of those people in the audience listening to it/singing it back to you," he continued. "It means something different to each person but still resonates with them in some way, and we wanted to represent that. We wanted to feel like people saw themselves in the story because when they adopt it to their own narrative, it becomes part of their story in their lives too."

During the video, Owen and his family take a ride in a golf cart, Pearl and her dad also go fishing together, and the 7-year-old helps her younger sister walk around outside. "Pearl is an amazing big sister," Owen gushed. "Paris is just in awe of everything Pearl does. It's so fun to see her be so excited and react to her." The video ends with Owen and Hartlein slow dancing in an empty Tootsie's bar in downtown Nashville, and along with dancing, Owen shared that he and his girlfriend have been taking "lots of walks" during the quarantine.


"We walk the property with the girls and pick up a lot of arrowheads, which are all along the land from years ago," he said. "It's our daily thing, and it's amazing to be outside and disconnect like that on a daily basis."