Gary LeVox Hopes Rascal Flats Farewell Tour Can Happen ‘Down the Road’ (Exclusive)

Rascal Flatts was scheduled to embark on a farewell tour in 2020 to mark 20 years as a band, but the trek was ultimately canceled due to the pandemic. The group hasn't announced any new touring plans as of yet, but trio member Gary LeVox is hopeful that he and bandmates Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney will be able to celebrate with their fans at some point in the future.

"Hopefully, down the road, whenever normal touring gets back together... or back to where it was, then hopefully we'll put together a farewell tour and do it the right way," LeVox recently told, explaining that it would be difficult for the group to book a tour currently as so many artists are trying to get back on the road and there are only so many large venues to go around. While he won't be on the road with Rascal Flatts, the Ohio native is booking some shows of his own to promote his recently-released gospel EP, One on One, and shared that misses touring "terribly."

"I'm not a real studio cat," LeVox explained. "I don't like hanging in the studio all day and doing vocals after vocals. I mean, I'm not that guy. I'm the tour guy. I have to be on the stage. I have to be seeing the fans. I got to be in their face. That's what I live for. That's what I love more than anything in life."

The 50-year-old added that it was "just heartbreaking" that [Rascal Flatts'] tour was canceled. "I was sitting there going, 'I don't even have an option to go work,'" he recalled. "I miss it so much, and I can't wait. I've done a few shows here and there. It's life."

DeMarcus recently told Taste of Country Nights that the pandemic may have caused Rascal Flatts to rethink their retirement plans. "The way this year's puts a lot of things in perspective, and really makes you take stock of things that are really, really important to you and the things that you just thought were important to you," he said.


"I think all of us are at this place right now to where it might not even be a farewell tour — who knows? We may feel compelled enough to go back out and do the music," DeMarcus continued. "I'm just speaking theoretically, but [we might consider doing] 10, 15 shows a year, enjoy our Rascal Flatts music along with the other things we have going on in our lives."