Garth Brooks Says Quarantine With Trisha Yearwood Has Been 'the Most We've Ever Gone Through as a Couple'

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have spent their quarantine on their farm in Tennessee, and like most couples, have gotten to know each other even better than before. During a recent media event, Brooks opened up about how his relationship with his wife was affected by the pandemic, explaining how he and Yearwood decided to use this time to "face everything," since they had to stay together no matter what.

"You're quarantined, so now you're really going to find out a lot about the person you're with, for sure," Brooks told and other outlets. "And me and Miss Yearwood, I don't know why we do this; maybe because we're both alphas or both kind of like the leaders of our ship. We decided to use quarantine as a time to face everything, because now you can't leave. You can't walk away. And so this is probably, you know, the blessing and the curse, this has probably been the most we've ever gone through as a couple. But what's on the other side is so dang worth the wait, especially when you're with the right one."

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He added that he and his wife "found out a lot about each other" during this time. "With her, the more you find out about her, the more you love her," Brooks gushed. "Because everybody in this industry looks at her like, 'My God, she's amazing.' Everybody wants to hear that voice sing that song, but then to find out that she's just a simple country girl from Georgia, that was raised just like me and you, just makes you fall in love with her even more."

"So that's kind of where we're at," he continued. "I enjoy the struggle, and so it would make sense that in marriage, you enjoy the struggle. And so it's been good. The talks have been great, and she's just the bomb. So it's fun that the more you find out about somebody that you're already in love with, the more you love them. That makes me a lucky man."


Brooks added that the pandemic "brings everything very real, of course, and into your family," and that Yearwood has been a guiding force during this time. "I've got to tell you if you know Trisha Yearwood, she's very, I don't want to say hard-headed. She's in control, and she has been spot-on this entire six months of what to do, what not to do, and she's kind of led our family through it," he said. "I think it's probably that way with a lot of families, that the matriarch is probably going to follow the rules and make sure the silly boys kind of keep in line."