Garth Brooks' Daughter Allie Colleen Calls Trisha Yearwood an 'Amazing' Stepmom

When Trisha Yearwood married Garth Brooks in 2005, she became stepmom to his three daughters, the [...]

When Trisha Yearwood married Garth Brooks in 2005, she became stepmom to his three daughters, the youngest of whom, Allie Colleen, was nine years old at the time. Speaking to Everything Nash, Allie recalled watching Yearwood and Brooks fall in love and life with Yearwood as a stepmom, calling the "She's in Love With the Boy" singer "amazing."

"I had the privilege, the amazing privilege to grow up and watch my dad fall in love with this amazing woman and have this amazing relationship," Allie Colleen shared. "We got married; my bonus mom and I, and my sisters exchanged rings when my parents got married, all that kind of stuff. It was such a beautiful relationship to grow up watching." Allie Colleen is a singer/songwriter who just released her debut album, Stones, and she got to perform one of the album's songs, "Wildflower," during an episode of Yearwood's Food Network show, Trisha's Southern Kitchen.

"The producer of the show that day, we just kept crying and we couldn't get through the song, and he just goes, 'Just do this like you do at home,'" she recalled. "And Trisha and I looked at him and we're like, 'This is the first time in our lives that we are singing together. We have never done this before, ever.' So it was such a cool moment for me, and also really tough to share that with all the other production people in the room. But that was fun."

The 24-year-old also gushed about her own mom, "the most deserving, kindest, sweetest woman on the planet, heart on her sleeve," who "constantly had the hardest time with dudes, and especially with dudes with us." Allie Colleen even included a song inspired by her mom, "Make Me a Man," on her new album.

"When I have the privilege to get to play the song out, I always have to let everybody know this is not eHarmony for my mom," she said with a laugh. "This is not slide into her DMs. Leave her alone, do not go talk to my mama. I got to see my mom find that amazing person and everything. And so this song, we chose to release it on Mother's Day for all of the single parents, whether you're a mom or a dad."