Dierks Bentley Shares Acoustic Performance of New Song 'Tell 'Em Right Now'

Dierks Bentley gave fans a listen to some new music this week, using Instagram to share a video of himself performing an acoustic version of a newly-written song titled "Tell 'Em Right Now." Written by Bentley, Hardy and David Garcia, the song is a timely message imploring listeners to tell the people you love that you love them, and to do it right now.

"Tell 'em right now, call 'em right up, put your pride down, show a little love / Put it on paper, sing it in a song, 'cause one day they're here and the next they're gone," Bentley sings in the chorus. "It could be 'I love you,' it could be 'I miss you,' it could be 'I'm sorry for the way that I did you,' / Don't wait 'till you're standing at the grave just wishing you could tell 'em how you feel somehow / Tell 'em right now."

"One I wrote with friends @hardy and @garciaofficial...," the singer captioned the clip. "Tell ‘Em Right Now. A good idea in these times...." Bentley and his family are currently in Colorado, where they have stayed for the majority of the pandemic. The 45-year-old released his latest single, "Gone," in October, but told media outlets that he currently has no plans for a full album.

"I'm not too focused on making an album right now," he said, via Wide Open Country. "I'm too anxious...I'm more focused on looking for a good song that I can put out that reflects where I am right now that my fans might enjoy hearing because it's been a while."


Instead, he's putting his focus on time with his family. "I moved out West with my family in March, and have been living in a small mountain town....making up for lost time with them," Bentley wrote on Instagram when "Gone" was released. "Between the adventures, there has been a lot of music. I’ve been writing a lot of songs, listening to a lot of great songs from the Nashville songwriting community, hosting my apple radio show, helping my daughter’s with their own community radio show...and just playing and singing for fun."

"I’ve always had so much gratitude for our fans and for what we get to do for a living...and to say I feel that way now more than ever would be the greatest understatement ever made!" he continued. "I can’t wait to hang with my road family of band, crew and fans. As soon as we get the green light, we will be out there."