Cole Swindell Scores 10th No. 1 Song With 'Single Saturday Night'

Cole Swindell just achieved a major career milestone, scoring his 10th No. 1 country song with [...]

Cole Swindell just achieved a major career milestone, scoring his 10th No. 1 country song with "Single Saturday Night." Written by Ashley Gorley, Hardy and Mark Holman, the song is all about experiencing your last single Saturday night. The romance-focused track has notched over 122 million streams since its release in May 2020.

"Ashley Gorley and Hardy sent me the demo for 'Single Saturday Night,' and I knew it was something I wanted to record," Swindell said in a statement. "I was missing the road and the live shows and wanted my fans to have new music from me. Once we put it out, their reaction was so big it pushed us to release it to country radio. I can't thank Country Radio, the fans, and my team enough for making this my 10th No. 1 song. Still hard to believe! I can't wait to see everyone out on the road."

Since "Single Saturday Night" was released after the pandemic began, Swindell was unable to watch it grow organically out on the road, but he knew that fans were eager for any music they could get their hands on.

"Every time we've had a single out, we've got to see it grow and not just on radio or streaming or whatever it is, we're live," he told last year. "You get to see the fans sing it and you really can tell the more it grows, the louder they are. And it's just, it's such a cool thing. But another thing you didn't think you'd ever see, and here we are, you know, at least, like I said, I got the song out there. I can't wait." The Georgia native added that he had heard Hardy say that "maybe during this time that's going to give them more time to learn the words, and when we finally get back, they'll be ready to go."

The song's accompanying music video was filmed using lots of green screen magic due to the pandemic, and Swindell noted that he hopes "this is the last one we ever have to do like that," adding that filming "was definitely a challenge. "Then again, I mean, what this year hasn't been?" he noted. "We found a way to get through, the only way we can."

Now that "Single Saturday Night" is a No. 1 song, fans will certainly know the words when Swindell hits the road as support on Thomas Rhett's Center Point Road Tour, which begins on Aug. 20 in Bangor, Maine.