Cole Swindell 'Can't Thank His Mother Enough' for All of His Success

Cole Swindell is fast becoming one of the biggest stars in country music, recently celebrating his [...]

Cole Swindell is fast becoming one of the biggest stars in country music, recently celebrating his eighth No. 1 single with "Break Up in the End." Although Swindell certainly deserves plenty of praise for his hard work, the 35-year-old is quick to deflect the credit to his sweet mother, Carol.

"She's the one that keeps me humble," Swindell told "She's the one that, no matter how stressed out I get, if I wanna be here or wanna be there, she is always the first person to remind me, 'Come on, Cole. Think about it. Me and you would have never thought you'd be where you are right now.' I always say that, but I mean it because it takes someone like her to put it all in perspective.

"This world, this business, it keeps you on the ground, always wondering what's next, instead of thinking about, 'Look at what we've done,'" he added. "She's always the one that's the first to remind me, and I can't thank her enough."

Swindell released his third studio album, All of It, last year, and is both headlining his own tour and serving as direct support for Luke Bryan on Bryan's upcoming Sunset Repeat Tour. In addition, the Georgia native just launched his own line of moonshine, meaning he is working very hard right now, so finally his mother doesn't need to.

"She's proud," Swindell boasted. "How proud she is of me, and the way this makes her feel, she deserves every bit of it. I wouldn't be here without her. She gave me everything I ever needed to grow up, and she did that by herself, so I love her. I'm excited that I get to take care of her from here on out."

Swindell's moonshine, which started with peppermint flavor and just introduced a tropical flavor called Pre Show Punch, is further proof how how fast Swindell's star power is rising.

"It's crazy to think back over these five or six years since it all really started, and to see where we've come," Swindell told "Every year, I feel like this has been the best year of my life, and to be able to keep feeling like that; this one's already off to a great start. And just doing things I never thought I'd get to do.

"Tours are one thing, but now to have a whole different venture with Sugarlands, and to have a moonshine bottle with my face and name on it," he continued. "My mom's like, 'What is this?' I can't believe it. But for somebody who wants to work with you, and loves what you do. I can't thank them enough to have my own moonshine out there."

Photo Credit: Getty images/Rick Diamond