Carrie Underwood's Makeup-Free Selfie Has Social Media Weighing In

Carrie Underwood frequently gets compliments for her radiant beauty on social media, but her latest makeup-free selfie had social media users going wild. The "Cry Pretty" star shared the adorable photo earlier this week celebrating the birthday of her talented friend, baker Ivey Childers.

"Happy birthday to this babe, [Ivey Childers] ! You are the best wine drinking, weight lifting, veggie loving, biggest heart having friend and neighbor a girl could ask for! I love you to the moon and back! [kissy face emoji]" the singer wrote on Instagram.

Fans were delighted to see the singer show off her flawless skin, and helping to break the stigma of having to post only photos with make-up and FaceTune.

(Photo: Instagram/Carrie Underwood)

"I wish I could meet you. You're such an inspiration to me," one Instagram user commented.

"Love how you are fresh faced and no makeup. You are so naturally beautiful!" another fan commented, praising the star.

"You look so natural and beautiful!" another fan wrote.

Another user praised Underwood, writing: "Love this pic! All in so many look great and authentic and real!"

"Love the natural you, Carrie!" a fan simply wrote, with many others showering the singer with compliments after she posted the beautiful photo.

"You're always gorgeous, but raw, less makeup look, wow. You're stunning!!!!" Another fan commented.

The singer recently opened up about working on her health amid her busy tour schedule and parenting two young children — sons Isaiah and Jacob.

"Some days might be better than others," Underwood told Women's Health magazine earlier this week. "I might have gotten more sleep; therefore I can work out longer."

"I'm always trying to take steps in the right direction," she added "even if they're small steps."

"To me, working out — my husband has said it — he was like, 'You're, like, a more pleasant person to be about when you have a workout in the morning,'" Underwood recalled, as she reflected on how exercising makes her feel better. "And I was like, 'I know! I feel better.'"


With her busy schedule, staying fit can be tricky, which is why Underwood allows herself to be flexible with her routine.

"[It] really depends on the day. You just gotta listen to your body," Underwood told the publication, adding she sometimes just walks or runs for cardio. "A lot of people will go workout in order to feel great, but if you feel great in the first place, you're one step ahead."