Brittany Aldean Says 'It's Awesome to See' Husband Jason Aldean as a Dad (Exclusive)

Jason Aldean and wife Brittany Aldean share two children, 3-year-old son Memphis and 2-year-old daughter Navy, and Jason is also dad to two teenage daughters from his previous marriage. Speaking to, Brittany opened up about raising kids with her husband, revealing that he's usually the bad cop in their parenting routine.

"We parent very differently, he's definitely the disciplinarian," she said. "I am the sucker, but it's nice to just see him, he's a sucker for those girls. They could do no wrong. So he says he treats them all equally but that's not really a little harder on Memphis." The former NBA dancer added that her husband is "a great parent and he's super loving and he's very gentle, which he's so he's such a rugged man like country boy, but he's just a gentle dad and it's really, it's awesome to see."

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Jason has been off the road and at home with his family, something Brittany shared has been "really nice." Jason is currently scheduling show dates for later in 2021 but it's still unclear when he, or any artist, will be able to play for their fans.

"I feel like I'm a little spoiled that when, to where it starts back up, I'm like, 'Oh damn I'm gonna be having all these days alone,'" Brittany admitted. "But it's nice — we kind of divide and conquer with the babies so, we'll each take a kid and one gets them up, the other one's changing a diaper and then one's making lunch while the other one's getting their seats ready. Whatever it is it just makes it easy to have him around all the time and fun and enjoyable and I'm happy for him because he's getting to see so many moments that he would typically miss with the babies."

Though she's been staying active by keeping up with her kids, Brittany shared that one of her goals for 2021 is to dial in her nutrition using the South Beach Diet. "I kind of let it all go like a lot of people in 2020, because it's just kind of an off year, fun year for everybody, you know, at home having some drinks and food," she said. "I'm starting to get back on it and I know that it's the time of new year's resolutions and everything but I'm sticking to it."


The South Beach Diet focuses on a low carbohydrate and high protein intake and is the "diet that works best" for Brittany. "It's just easy and being a mama, especially new ones, it is the best for me," she explained. "So that's what works for me, but also throwing in some exercise and stuff. I feel like I really indulged last year and this is my time to get it back together."

The mom of two noted that for her, dieting is less about watching the scale go down and more about feeling good. "I feel like doing my diet is more so for my health and like feeling better about my body and knowing that I'm taking the right steps to like be healthier but it's not so much like, 'Oh I'm trying to lose all this weight,'" she said. "That just comes with doing it but you know, just being happy and healthy."