Brett Young Calls It Love at First Sight When He First Saw His Wife, Taylor

It's been years since Brett Young first laid eyes on his wife, Taylor, but he still vividly remembers every single detail. The "Catch" singer recalls the moment he saw Taylor for the very first time, and even then, knew nothing in his life would ever be the same again.

"I was living in North Scottsdale, Arizona, with a good friend of mine who had some publishing and songwriting connections," Young recalled to his record label. "I was up one night sitting on Facebook and I happened to come across a page of a girl from my hometown that I knew. And in the picture that she had posted there was this pretty girl. As I dug and did my research, I found it was her college roommate, and as we say nowadays, I slid into her DMs.

"I mean, it was one of those things where it's as close to, I think, love at first sight as you can get," he continued. "I don't know if I believe in looking at somebody and falling in love, but I definitely saw one picture of her and knew I had to meet her. And she made me work pretty hard, but after a couple weeks of pleading my case we had our first date."

Young and Taylor, who got married in the fall of 2018, are now the proud parents of one daughter, Presley Elizabeth, who was born in October. The California native might be getting by on a lot less sleep now than he used to, but he is still completely smitten with his little girl.

"It's the absolute best thing that ever happened to us," Young told "If I were to complain about sleep right now, I'd feel guilty, because my wife is sleeping much less than me. We're on cloud nine, and we're figuring it out, and very blessed."

Young is currently on his Chapters Tour, where he plans on bringing both his wife and baby out for at least some of the dates.

"That'll probably be the first tour where we start testing the baby on the road," Young said. "I don't know if it will be that [first] weekend or not. But the crib is on the bus. We have to transition from bassinet to crib in the house, before we try crib on the bus."


Photo Credit: Getty / Rick Diamond