Brett Eldredge Has Found an 'Interesting Balance' During Quarantine

Like many of us, Brett Eldredge is currently staying home, and such a change from normal routine looks different for everyone. For Eldredge, he shared that it's been important for him to find a happy medium between staying creative and allowing himself to do the opposite, calling his current situation an "interesting balance."

"I've found if I give myself, and this is the same for my own life when we're not in a quarantine, living in the normal times or whatever that is, is not trying to put too much pressure on myself to, 'Okay, I didn't practice for two hours on the piano today. I watched and played games or whatever the whole time,'" he told and other media earlier this month. "I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself to try to shame myself for whatever. We're all in a weird time where it's hard to stay focused on that."

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"I am quarantining on my own. I've seen my brother and sister-in-law and that's it," he added. "I've seen my parents from a distance and my brother and sister-in-law because I know their exact quarantine spot. That's the only people I've seen. Really, I'm mostly on my own and it's been interesting, just like it is for the rest of us."

Some things that have helped the 34-year-old mentally include a daily task, unplugging with entertainment and getting outside. "I've found if I get accomplished at least one thing a day then I can go to bed and be like, 'I did that,' then it helps me a lot," Eldredge explained. "I've been doing that, I've been writing on my mirror little things to work on. I ordered these Amazon markers that I can write with on the mirror. So, I write on my mirror different... like an accountability thing like, 'Can you play this song on guitar, yet?' And then I'll look in the mirror and see myself and I'll see that. It reminds me to work on some things, as well as just go watch movies and listen to books. I've taken up trying to run, just being outside in nature so I can get some fresh air at times, too."

The Illinois native recently announced that his upcoming album, Sunday Drive, will arrive on July 10, and he made the announcement by sharing three new songs from the project with fans. In a time where some artists are delaying their releases, Eldredge shared that he is hoping to help fans find some light the same way that his favorite artists did for him.


"There's situations where people try to push their albums back or their music back or their single release back," he said. "For me, it was like, 'I wan to be the escape that artists have given me in tough times in my life. I want to get this out there.' Whether I can promote it in the traditional way or not, I'm gonna get it out there and I'm gonna hopefully help people through certain tough times, this is, or just in any time in their life, I think that music is huge and it speaks beyond any kind of situation we're in and I think that it was important to get this music out."