Brantley Gilbert Would Consider Having Another Child Soon

Brantley Gilbert and his wife, Amber, welcomed their son, Barrett, a little over a year ago, and the singer is already considering adding to their family.

"We want him to be to a certain place before we bring another one in," Gilbert explained. "But I'm not going to wait too awful long. I don't want to be 60 to 70 years old trying to throw a ball with my kid out in the yard. I'm excited about it. I think I was so worried about having a little girl because I don't like the idea of prison, but, I'd actually be okay with that.

"Now that we've got little man, it'd be great for him to grow up with somebody if God sees fit to bless us with another one," he continued. "I feel like we were blessed to have him, you know it took a little bit of prayers. If He sees right to bless us with another one we'd be proud to have another."

With Barrett is out of the baby phase, Gilbert and Amber are finally able to enjoy some alone time, which they will likely make the most of before they expand their brood.

"I got a beautiful little baby boy that God blessed me with and a beautiful wife that God blessed me with," Gilbert shared with at a recent media event. "She doesn't take no crap off of me. We have a happy home life and we still go on dates and stuff. We just now got to the point – we're pretty excited, [because] he's not nursing now, so mom and dad can actually go out, and go on dates. Dad gets some attention."

Gilbert just released his latest single, "What Happens in a Small Town," which is a duet with Lindsay Ell.

"It sounded like a duet from the beginning and it stayed that way all the way through it," Gilbert said of the song. "After we finished the writing on it, you go in and who's the right match to do the duet? ... It was my first male, female duet and had to be right. I'm kind of obsessive, compulsive about everything. A lot of thought went into it and we looked at the genre crossover ourselves and I was talking to Scott one day and he brought Lindsay's name up and it just clicked."


Download "What Happens in a Small Town" on iTunes.

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