'American Idol' Fans Reach out to Taylor Hicks Following Scary Nashville Tornado Experience

Many residents in mid-Tennessee were affected by the devastating storm and tornado that touched down in the early morning hours on Tuesday. One of those affected by the storm was Nashville resident and American Idol alum Taylor Hicks, who recounted his ordeal in an interview with PEOPLE. Shortly after he opened up about his ordeal, both via PEOPLE and on social media, his fans reached out to him in order to send some kind words his way.

"I could feel the whole house completely shake and I just had to get into the crawl space and I held on," Hicks recounted to PEOPLE, noting that he sprung into action when he saw what was happening outside of his home. "I heard the debris. I heard the train sound. I held on for dear life. There, for a moment, it's almost like I went through temporary insanity because it's such a traumatic experience because you don't know at that point where the storm is tracking."

Hicks also took to Twitter on Tuesday to share that he was "ok" and that he was praying for those who were "seriously affected by this tragic event." In response to his tweet, many of his fans shared that they were so glad to see that he managed to make it out of the scary situation and that he was alright.

"So glad you posted, was worried about you knew it had to be near if you were there," one fan wrote. "Sounds horrible. So much damage. #prayers"

"Taylor!!!! Thank god youre ok! I pray for everyone effected," another fan tweeted.

"I'm so glad that you are ok!! I've been through one and it was terrifying!" yet another Twitter user shared. "Thank u for posting...ain't gonna lie - was kinda concerned abt ya. Love & prayers to you & everyone affected."


"Glad you are ok. Scary situation and thoughts with the whole Nashville community," a fan also shared.

On Friday, the Tennessean reported that nearly 2,000 properties were struck by the tornado and that 25 people had lost their lives following the disastrous situation. In the days after the storm, several celebrities, like Hicks, have spoken out about their own experiences during the event while others, such as Nashville resident Taylor Swift, have pledged donations to help Tennessee residents who were affected by the natural disaster.