Zac Efron and Girlfriend Vanessa Valladares Break up After 10 Months of Dating

Zac Efron is officially a single man again. It was reported this week that he and his girlfriend [...]

Zac Efron is officially a single man again. It was reported this week that he and his girlfriend of 10 months, Vanessa Valladares, decided to call it quits. It's unclear at the moment what was the reasoning behind their breakup, but the two have gone their separate ways.

Despite their split, Efron is still residing in Australia — a place he's been living for a while now. The two met while he was visiting and she was working as a waitress, but she eventually left her job to spend more time with him. Since then, he's been swamped working on several projects, including his film Gold and shooting the second season of Down to Earth with Zac Efron. The popular docu-series hit Netflix in 2020 and fans couldn't seem to get enough. In each episode, Efron and his friend and health guru Darin Oilen would travel to a different part of the world like France, Costa Rica and Iceland, to discover new, greener ways of living.

Because the series became so popular, they were able to sign for another season. While fans are excited to hear the news, they will have to wait on its release date, which is expected to be sometime in 2022. Olien, Brian Volk-Weiss, and Cisco Henson executive produced the docuseries through The Nacelle Company. Simultaneously, Efron, Michael Simkin, and Jason Barrett are executive producers under their Ninja Runnin' Wild banner. While several fans across the world loved the High School Musical star's new series, it didn't air without criticism. The series has been accused of highlighting pseudoscience.

"There is all this pseudoscience sprinkled throughout," Jonathan Jarry of McGill's Office for Science and Society told Vice. "It reaches a critical mass in the water episode. I stumbled on Down to Earth when I was on vacation. It ruined my vacation for that day," he added. The episode he was referring to was when Efron and Olien went to France to talk about the quality of drinking water over there versus other parts of the world, including the United States.

However, Efron and his crew aren't the only ones being accused of this. The Goop Lab and the documentary What the Health have also been accused of cherry-picking evidence as well. They've all been called out for not showing the entire picture, rather giving their viewers or consumers just one idea of a much larger picture instead.