YouTube Star Tati Westbrook Makes Comeback Amid Beauty Guru Drama, $30 Million Lawsuit

YouTube star Tati Westbrook is finally making videos again after a year-long hiatus and she's looking to clear up a few things in her return. The almost 20-minute long video features the Halo Beauty owner, who in her time away from the internet has been going through what she calls her "crushing season." While she says she doesn't want to revisit the past or any of the incidents that led to her untimely departure, she starts by detailing the events in her 2020 video –– which featured an apology to James Charles and Jackie Aina and named Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson as the instigators in her feud with Charles.

Westbrook walked away from Youtube and the beauty guru community a year ago after landing herself in the midst of a feud with Charles. She posted a video, entitled "Bye Sister," in which she called out the CoverGirl ambassador for his alleged manipulative behavior and accused him of grooming young men. The incident and fallout resulted in Charles losing millions of followers in a single day, while Westbrook gained 4 million followers. She later apologized to Charles, naming Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson as the reason for the original video. "I've lost a year of my life terrified of social media and terrified of speaking up against the people that used, coerced, and manipulated me into uploading my video in May of last year," Westbrook said in June 2020. "Allowing myself to be gaslit into making that video is one of the biggest regrets of my life."

She cleared up some of the rumors surrounding the situation, admitting that legal action has been taken in another realm of her life, but there have not been any cease and desist orders sent to either party. "There's no litigation, no cease and desist, nothing in that event at all." By legal action, she referenced the $30 million lawsuit that's been levied against her by Halo Beauty business partner Clark Swanson.


Swanson accuses the Westbrooks of fraud, negligence, and breach of fiduciary duty as Halo Beauty owners. The whole ordeal and the reason for her exit, she says, caused a rift in her marriage and the couple briefly split up for some time. The two reunited since downsizing her living situation, but as she makes her return to YouTube, it seems things could be looking up for Westbrook.