Why People Are Saying Barron Trump Could Be Headed to the NBA

Twitter can lead to some crazy conversations. One of the more recent ongoing discussions is the latest photo captured of President Donald Trump alongside his wife and First Lady, Melania Trump, and their son, Barron Trump. The three were seen heading off a plane, but it was the aesthetics of the image that took social media by storm.

After not being in the spotlight much during his father's presidency, viewers were quite stunned by Barron's stature. His father is listed at being 6'3" but Barron is seen in the image looking at least an inch or two taller than his dad, despite being just 13 years old. The rapid growth spurt led to many on social media calling for him to be the next NBA superstar.

"Can we all take a moment to realize how tall Barron Trump is now? Not just the height is crazy but how young he is for that," one user wrote. "Barron is already taller than both parents and probably most people in any given room. This dude needs to go to the @NBA."

"Each day I wake up and am jealous of Barron Trump and his height genes," another tweet read.

Another user also wrote, "Barron Trump hit that height really quickly. I don't think he's done growing either."

Barron is the only child between Trump and Melania and is the youngest child of the president's. He made a few appearances during his father's initial presidential campaign but hasn't been in the limelight much since he took the office.

In regards to the jokes about being on the fast track to the NBA, it's not known if he plays basketball, although he is known to be a soccer fan and also a fairly good soccer player after being selected to join the D.C. United's Development Academy back in 2018.


"Barron Trump is going to be the greatest dunker the NBA has ever seen," another user wrote on Twitter.

In total, Trump has five children from three marriages: Donald Trump Jr., 45, Ivanka Trump, 38, Eric Trump, 36, Tiffany Trump, 36, and Barron Trump, 13.