Why Jimmy Kimmel's Audience Kept Booing Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis received a rousing unwelcome from Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s special Brooklyn audience during a recent appearance on the show. The Ukrainian-born actress was in the studio promoting her new Netflix thriller, Luckiest Girl Alive. She recounted a humorous story about an almost wardrobe mishap where she had to wear children's leggings modified into underwear because she did not have a bra or underwear to pair with a transparent dress. As Kimmel usually tapes his show in Los Angeles, he told Kunis, "You seem like you could be a New Yorker, but you're not a New Yorker, right?" A person in the crowd booed the 39-year-old as she began to answer, to which she responded, "What? Who booed?" She played it off with Kimmel, joking, "What's wrong with your audience? Very New York of you, very New York."

Kunis also described how she came to the United States as a child and entered the country through New York to obtain citizenship. As she related, she stayed in a hotel in Brooklyn where she had her first burger and Coca-Cola, but no pizza, to the audience's dismay. However, Kunis grew up eating Los Angeles pizza as her father was a delivery man. After Kimmel asked her, "Did you have pizza for the first time in New York?" she asked the audience, "Are you ready? No." Afterward, the audience booed her once again. "Boy, this audience is something, Kunis remarked. "God, it's fun."

"No, I did not have pizza in New York, but my dad delivered pizzas growing up, but in LA. LA has perfectly fine pizzas, guys!" More boos followed. "You know what?! I'm wearing children's underwear for you," Kunis told the crowd, which roared with laughter. "There's more to this story — just to get another boo," she said. "It was Domino's Pizza." This comment prompted more boos of disappointment from the audience. "This is like a symphony of boos and ahhs," she chuckled. The That 70s Show alum finally admitted that she didn't even like pizza, horrifying Kimmel and the crowd, who proceeded to boo her more.

In an ironic twist, husband Ashton Kutcher gave her a pizza oven for their wedding anniversary, requiring her to make pizza frequently. However, Kunis eventually won over the rowdy audience with her jokes and some tequila shots with Guillermo. Meanwhile, her new movie Luckiest Girl Alive has debuted on Netflix to mixed reviews. Directed by Barker, the film follows Kunis as a woman in New York struggling to cope with a trauma that threatens to destroy her life.