Wendy Williams Reveals She Fractured Her Shoulder

Wendy Williams is opening up about a scary injury.

The talk show host revealed Tuesday during her show that she had to cancel Monday's taping after she injured her right shoulder this past weekend.

"I have a hair fracture on my right shoulder. I did it on Sunday — by Monday morning my shoulder was on fire," Williams, who appeared on her namesake show wearing a sling under a hot pink long-sleeve shirt, explained.

"There's no way I could've done yesterday's show, so I was all about the medical care yesterday from one doctor to the other," Williams continued.

She did not reveal what exactly led to her fractured shoulder, though she did inform the audience that it was not a serious injury that would require extensive treatment, as first reported by PEOPLE.

"I'm on the mend, I don't need an operation," Williams reassured viewers.

"They tell me I'm very healthy... for a person after 50," Williams joked on the show. "I'm not wearing a hard cast, but I do have a sling and I do have my flower ring on."

Williams' fracture comes a little over a year after she made headlines for fainting on the air during her Halloween episode.

The mother of one shocked viewers collapsed, later explaining it was due to dehydration and becoming "overheated" in her Statue of Liberty costume.

This year on Halloween, the 54-year-old rocked a Queen of Hearts costume and addressed the incident on her show.

"You know it's not my favorite date; it never has been, for all of my life it never has been. And it of course it's also the one-year anniversary of my 'faintation.' So the day doesn't necessarily bring up a good mood to me. But I'm dressed up," she said.

After her fainting spell, Williams had to face complications due to her hyperthyroidism and Graves' disease diagnoses, which led her to take a leave of absence from the series earlier in 2018.

"My doctor has prescribed — are you ready? — three weeks of vacation," she announced on her show at the time after detailing her symptoms, which include difficulty sleeping and irritability. "I was pissed. Encore performances, really?"


The experience, she said, taught her to prioritize her health, including having more regular visits to the doctor.

"There's a lot of smart women doing dumb things with their health and I fell into that category as well," she said. "I'm glad my situation was caught in a timely manner."