Watch Ellen DeGeneres Get Emotional Announcing Last Season of Talk Show

Ellen DeGeneres got emotional with her audience while announcing that her show, The Ellen [...]

Ellen DeGeneres got emotional with her audience while announcing that her show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, would end after its 19th season. The talk show host made the announcement on the heels of her scandal after she allegedly fueled a "toxic work environment" when several former employees came forward to accuse her of this. However, she made quite the comeback after returning to her show, but told her fans that she wouldn't be doing it much longer.

The comedian's show premiered in 2003 and his been successfully going ever since. When she made the announcement, she also acknowledged that they had just surpassed 3,000 episodes. "[...] Today I have an announcement to make. Today, I am announcing that next season, Season 19, is going to be my last season," she said. "So the last 18 years, you have to know, has changed my life. You all have changed my life."

DeGeneres noted that the show has been "the greatest experience of my life" paying tribute to her fans. While some speculate she's ending her show after the controversy of what she was accused of, she made it clear during her segment that she intended previously to end on the 19th season. In 2018, her wife Portia de Rossi opened up about how she was encouraging DeGeneres to tap out of the daytime talk show to pursue other opportunities.

"I just think she's such a brilliant actress and standup that it doesn't have ot be this talk show for her creativity," she told the New York Times. However, while de Rossi may have wanted her to quit a while back, her brother Vance DeGeneres feels quite the opposite of that and DeGeneres admitted that it upsets her wife when her brother tells her to stay a little while longer. "She gets mad when my brother tells me I can't stop," the Finding Dory actress noted to the publication.

It's probably safe to assume that her fans are more than thrilled she stuck it out as long as she did. Despite her scandal, DeGenres was able to bounce back in front of her audience and her fans have continued their support. As she moves into her last and final season, an insider has revealed that all of the episodes will celebrate the last 18 years, they don't want it to just be the last episode, they want the entire season to go out with a bang.