Twitter Drubbed Alexander Skarsgard Because His Speech Did Not Address Domestic Violence

Alexander Skarsgard just won his second award of the season for portraying an abusive husband, and more and more fans are wondering why he hasn't mentioned the issue of domestic violence in his acceptance speeches.

Skarsgard played Perry Wright on HBO's hit series Big Little Lies last year. He hit all the right notes as Celeste Wright (Nicole Kidman)'s manipulative, possessive, violent husband. The performance earned him the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role earlier this month, and on Sunday night, he picked up a Screen Actors' Guild Award as well.

However, many viewers thought that, since Skarsgard's work on the show tackled domestic violence in such a visceral way, the 41-year-old actor should have mentioned it at some point while accepting his awards.

Instead, Skarsgard went for a self-deprecating tact at the SAG Awards.

"Yeah that makes sense," the actor said with a chuckle once he had his trophy in hand.

"A lot of people have been talking about who the greatest male actor ever is. Is it Mr. Robert DeNiro? Or the tall dude from True Blood? The thespians have spoken," he said.

The crowd laughed at Skarsgard's reference to his role as Eric Northman on the vampire series.

Yet on Twitter, the audience wasn't so taken with his light-hearted demeanor.

"Why does Alexander Skarsgard continue to not mention victims of domestic violence at all during his acceptance speeches?" one user asked.

The Big Little Lies role also earned Skarsgard an Emmy and a Critics' Choice Award at the end of 2017.

"Alexander Skarsgård has won multiple awards for playing an abuser in this current climate and not used the podium to comment. Tall, blond, and cancelled," quipped another viewer.

Those dragging Skarsgard conceded that his performance really was worthy of the praise it received. However, in the current social climate, considering the way award shows have become a central part of the Me Too movement and the Time's Up campaign, his omission doesn't feel like an accident.

"Anytime alexander skarsgard wants to talk about domestic abuse when accepting an award for portraying a domestic abuser (very well) is fine by me," wrote a fan.


Skarsgard hasn't commented on the controversy.