TV Star Reveals Acting Hiatus After 'Pretty Bitter' Experience: Ryan Paevey Opens up to His Fans

The 'General Hospital' alum has starred in 15 Hallmark films since 2018, but says he now needs 'some time away from a world so full of fake friends and empty promises.'

Ryan Peavey may be a Hallmark Channel staple, but fans shouldn't expect to see his face on their screens anytime soon. In a series of tweets last week, the Hallmark Channel and General Hospital alum announced that he is taking a break from acting after getting a "bitter taste" over the course of the last few months.

"Sadly no word of a [Hallmark] film," the actor wrote on X (formerly Twitter) after fans asked about any potential upcoming Hallmark movies. "I may take 2024 off from filming, unless the project is with friends. The last 8 months of life in this industry have left a pretty bitter taste in my mouth, and I need some time away from a world so full of fake friends and empty promises. I'm weary..."

Although the Two Tickets to Paradise star did not further explain what has left him feeling "weary," he assured fans that he "had a great run," adding, "I like my simple life in my shop, helping little bro, and frequent surfs. I have much to be grateful for." He said he will "figure out a way to stay afloat without acting income."

As for his future in acting, Peavey wrote, "who knows, maybe a film will come along. Insurance would be nice, haha," adding in a third message, "I'd like to think the powers that be know I'd happily do another film if they wanted me to. But I don't know anymore." He concluded the message with, "I'm just gonna do life, and make plans, and work...and whatever happens happens."

Peavey rose to starring as Nathan West on General Hospital. The actor appeared in 280 episodes between 2013 and 2018. Amid his General Hospital success, Peavey made the transition to the Hallmark Channel, making his debut there with Unleashing Mr. Darcy in 2016. In the eight years since, he has appeared in 15 Hallmark films, including 2023's Fourth Down and Love and Under the Christmas Sky. In 2022, he signed an exclusive multi-picture deal with Crown Media Family Networks.

His acting hiatus announcement came shortly after he opened up about the "whirlwind" that acting is. Responding to a fan who asked if he'd rather act or work with his hands, Peavey said that "working with his hands" would be his top pick. Acting as an exercise is fun, but the business of acting is a whirlwind of rejection, fake friends, thieves and liars. There have been some bright spots, but mostly darkness. There's far less money in labor, but far more peace. Peace is a better deal."