T.I. Arrested After Collision With Police Officer

Rapper T.I. announced on Tuesday that he had been arrested after having a collision with a police officer in Amsterdam. The Grammy award-winning musician took to Instagram to share the news and explained what happened. "'So I'm locked up now," T.I. — whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. — started the video post, which he captioned, "Free me."

He continued, "The policeman ran into me and broke his rear view [mirror]. And because I didn't have his passport. I don't know. It [will] be fine. But he was extremely upset. I, myself, was having a great time, still, I'm still not upset. Having a phenomenal time." T.I. then joked that the work "on the buddy system out here" so he was not placed in handcuffs while being detained.

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Getting out proved to be a tad more complicated than the Ant-Man actor would have thought because he, unfortunately, didn't have the right kind of money. "And you see, man, I can make my bond real quick but they don't take cash," he joked. "I got cash in my pocket, but they don't seem to take this so."

T.I. added, "Man, this is great man. You know what I'm saying? This is actually the experience in the culture as it is. This is living life to the fullest, you dig?" In a subsequent post, T.I. revealed that his team came to get him out, writing, "They stayed [the] whole 25mins and demanded that I be released."

He also joked that the crew's Amsterdam host was quite distraught over it all, but he was not stressed. "Poor Caroline was shooketh!!! I told her "I've done real time before...Cmon baby let's gtfoh before they change they minds." Notable, this is not T.I.'s first time behind bars, as he mentioned, because the rapper has served time in jail on at least three other occasions.


While his Amsterdam situation seems to be fully resolved, at least for now, T.I. is not free of all legal trouble. He and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris are currently under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department over accusations of sexual assault and drugging. Police reports indicate that the claims against T.I. and Tiny date back to 2005 when an anonymous woman claims that they drugged and had sexual contact with her against her will. The pair have denied the allegations they face.