Those Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Rumors, Explained

Rumors spread quickly, even when they're started by a famous comedian.

Kylie Jenner has once again had to quell down speculation about a potential pregnancy, this time after comedian Daniel Tosh mentioned it on his podcast. According to TMZ, the comedian says he spoke with a grocery store employee in Malibu and asked why the store was closed at the time.

Inside, The Kardashians was being filmed on the location and the employee indicated it was the finale, with a scene being staged inside the grocery store. In that scene, Kylie Jenner allegedly reveals she is pregnant again. It would be her third child, her first with Dune star Timothee Chalamet, and the possible future cause of society collapsing. He's not the hero, people!

Anyway, Tosh might just be whipping up a fun viral frenzy as part of his still-fresh podcast. As TMZ notes, production sources say the show hasn't filmed at a grocery store at all for the upcoming season. They also revealed their sources close to the family confirmed the couple is not pregnant together.

These reports didn't stop people from speculating about her relationship status and the reality of her pregnancy. People were commenting up to this weekend on Jenner's latest posts, urging her to comment on the reports and sweep away the gossip.

Jenner spent her weekend at the beach, showing her slender body in a dress on Sunday night after dropping several shots in a bikini on Saturday. They seem to be a response to the reports, though it isn't exactly 100 percent certain to be the truth.

What is true is that the Kardashian-Jenner clan holds the reins once again and Tosh can joke about how it all went viral. Or he can put everybody on blast for lying a bit.