'The Talk' Hiatus Extended Amid Sharon Osbourne Racism Investigation

The Talk has been put on hiatus following Sharon Osbourne's outburst when she defended Piers [...]

The Talk has been put on hiatus following Sharon Osbourne's outburst when she defended Piers Morgan for his comments towards Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Following her comments, she took to social media to explain why she got defensive during her conversation with co-host Sheryl Underwood. However, CBS has launched an internal investigation after former co-hosts are coming forward accusing Osbourne of using racist language towards those on set multiple times throughout her career on the morning talk show.

According to journalist Yashar Ali, sources, including former co-host Leah Remini, says that Osbourne has referred to host Julie Chen Moonves, a Chinese-American, as "Wonton" and "Slanty Eyes." The insiders also said that Osbourne referred to Sara Gilbert as a "p—y licker" and "fish eater" since she's gay. Remini opened up about her experience from Scientology and admitted that there was a lot she had to unlearn and confessed she is continuing to learn different, healthier ways. "Coming from Scientology, where racism, bullying and bigotry is taught, I had to unlearn a lot," she said. "I'm still learning and hopefully evolving. I can't say that Sharon has focused on the work she needs to do."

Osbourne became defensive during Wednesday's show as Underwood calmly explained to her and their audience her side; however, it was obvious Osbourne wasn't having it. Underwood, who remained calm throughout, has finally broken her silence on the topic. "I got calls from all over the world from people that I was wondering, 'How did you find me? How do you know me?' I was getting prayers, I was getting love," she opened up on an episode of The Steve Harvey Morning Show just two days after Wednesday's show. "And I want people to know this, I believe that God was telling me, 'I have a plan for you. I am about to pour down a blessing upon you. I just need to know, are you ready because you will face this again?'"

Osbourne defended her friend Morgan, who walked off Good Morning Britain's set when he was confronted by a co-worker on-air about his dismay for Markle. Instead of staying on set to hear his co-worker out, Morgan left the studio in a rush. During an episode of The Talk in 2018, Osbourne made multiple comments about Markle, including, "She ain't Black!" and "she doesn't look Black," according to Vulture. When former co-host Holly Peete called Osbourne out for referring to her as "too ghetto" for being on the show, Osbourne then posted an alleged email that Peete sent her slamming Moonves and CBS.

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