'The Masked Singer': Wayne Brady Addresses Guesses He's Thingamajig

As fans continue to guess who's under which mask on the hit Fox singing competition The Masked [...]

As fans continue to guess who's under which mask on the hit Fox singing competition The Masked Singer, guesses are pointing in comedian Wayne Brady's direction as a possibility of being under the Thingamajig mask. Last season, fans thought he may be under the Monster mask, but that ended up being rapper T-Pain, and while Brady was a little more blunt with his answers during the first season, this time, he's letting the fans be the judge, even telling them a few ways they could find out themselves.

A few of the clues that are leading viewers to believe that it might be him are: "I will tower over the rest of the singers with my puzzling persona," "I'm here because I love to sing, though you may think that's not my thing," and the disguised celebrity wears yellow pants, which could potentially be related to when Brady ripped off his pants on Let's Make a Deal.

"Sure. You know what? To you and to anybody watching, 'I tower above the rest,' I'm 6 ft. That's tall, but do I tower above everyone else? I don't know," he explained to PEOPLE Now.

"Last season, I was supposedly the Monster. Who was the Monster? T-Pain. Everybody [was saying], 'I swear that is Wayne Brady!' Great, go out and swear, It was T-Pain," he said.

He continued by saying, "Then I'm the Thingamajig. Cool. Then I'm the Fox. Great."

While he does not seemed phased by everyones guesses that it may be him under a mask or two, he did tell viewers how they may be able to get a better answer themselves.

"Think whatever the hell you want because instead of answering questions, which last season I was too on my Instagram. Every time somebody would say, 'You're the monster,'" Brady would reply, "'No I'm not.'"

"So now I say, 'Cool, if you think I'm that, you know the best way to solve that? Go to iTunes, download my Grammy-nominated record, so go listen. then you decide if that's my voice or go online and see any of the concerts that I've done across the world and then see if that's my voice,'" he encouraged.

The last few episodes, Raven Symone was unmasked as the Black Widow and Sherri Shepherd was revealed as the Penguin, however, there are 11 remaining contestants.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights on Fox at 8 P.M. ET.