Taylor Tomlinson Was Afraid of Dying at Age 34

The host of 'After Midnight' on CBS didn't have much faith in the longevity of her life.

Taylor Tomlinson is enjoying a lot of success in recent years, including her mini-ascension into the late night world on After Midnight. According to a recent chat with Rolling Stone, it hasn't been without some sharp lefts and loopy twists.

The comedian has not shied away from discussing the death of her mother and using it for jokes in her comedy. Tomlinson's mother passed from cancer when the comedian was just eight years old. Her mother was 34 at the time of death, weighing somewhat heavily on the young host.

"I've done a lot of work on that in therapy, my specific fear of, like, dying at a specific age," Tomlinson tells the outlet. She's only 30, recently celebrating a birthday back in November. Rolling Stone connects it to the engine driving her career, working hard to get her through to the current moment.

"I was afraid I was gonna die at 34," Tomlinson tells the outlet, described as saying it without emotion. "OK, well, I did all the things I wanted to do before then. So I think maybe that's where some of the fear has been alleviated. Because I'm like, 'Well, I sprinted – and it worked.'"

Some TikTok success and hard work tightening her act measured out to a lot of success and a network television spotlight. It's an interesting breakdown of the amount of thought she's put into her work, showing she's more than just someone who got lucky on social media. Check it out at Rolling Stone.