Sylvester Stallone Is Not Dead Despite Another Round of Internet Rumors

Fake news sweeping social media is declaring that Sylvester Stallone is dead.

A bizarre rumor that Rocky Balboa star Sylvester Stallone is dead is sweeping the internet and convincing fans that Sly Stallone has died from prostate cancer. The rumors were sparked and fueled by fake articles being shared online declaring his death, and fans easily fell victim to the hoax.

"Always the Champ! Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone died early this morning because of the prostate cancer he was suffering from, the actor kept his disease a secret, but he couldn't do it in the end. Rest in peace," one person wrote.

"I really liked his movies & personality Rest In Peace Sylvester Stallone," one fan of the actor wrote, having fallen victim to the hoax.

Others were a bit more skeptical of the rumors.

"Which one of you dust buckets started the rumor that Sylvester Stallone's died?" one person asked.

"Omg I thought Sylvester Stallone was dead!! I hate the Internet," another Twitter user commented once they realized the truth.

"So the sick hoaxes have started again!! Silvester Stallone is NOT dead," declared another user.


This isn't the first time that Stallone has been declared dead by social media, nor is it the first time that his fans have fallen victim to the hoax. The ruse first surfaced 18 months ago, in September 2016, when Facebook users reported seeing fraudulent messages claiming that Stallone had been found dead in his LA home, The Sun reports. It was later exposed as a hoax after it was discovered that the messages were linked to a website notorious for creating celebrity death hoaxes.

As for Stallone, who is alive and well, he's hinted that a fourth installment of the star-studded The Expendables action series could be in the works. "We are the shadows and the smoke, we rise. We are the ghosts that in the night. Just when you thought it was safe to go outside... They're coming back," Stallone teased in an Instagram post with a picture from The Expendables.