Sylvester Stallone Wants You to Follow His Daughters on Instagram

Sylvester Stallone wants his following to be a family affair.

The Rocky actor posted a throwback photo of daughters Sistine, Sophia and Scarlet Stallone on Instagram Tuesday, showing love for his children over the holiday season. But the caption asked a request from fans: to follow them on social media.

"I would LOVE all of my incredible fans to start following my wonderful daughters, who I am proud of.... @sistinestallone @sophiastallone @scarletstallone," he wrote.

Stallone also set a hefty goal for his daughters' social accounts: "1 MILLION followers is the goal, you can do it ! YO, WE WOULD NOT BE HERE WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT! Go For It! THANKS, Sly."

His promotion on social media comes after the famous father spent the weekend with his daughters and wife Jennifer Flavin, sharing multiple photos and videos from their time together.

In one clip, Stallone told fans the family was celebrating Christmas and asked daughters Sistine and Sophia if there was "anything you wanna wish your father."

"I wish you'd get us in the frame when you shoot a video," one said. "Yes, more focus," the other added while striking poses for the camera.

Stallone also shared a posed photo of the girls with their movie star in front of the Christmas tree.

Best Wishes for a great year ahead for everyone !

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"Best Wishes for a great year ahead for everyone!" he wrote in the caption.

Stallone's year has been a rocky one; he is currently being investigated after a 50-year-old actress filed a report in November alleging that the actor assaulted her in 1990 at his Santa Monica office.

Police are investigating the case to determine whether there is enough evidence to charge Stallone with a crime. If not, the case will not move forward, and should they conclude that allegations against him are false, Stallone with be considered a victim in the case.


Unfortunately for the actor, this is not the first time he has been accused of aggressive sexual misconduct by women.

Photo credit: Instagram / @officialslystallone