Sylvester Stallone Addresses Reports of Joining Donald Trump's Club Mar-a-Lago

Sylvester Stallone has officially addressed the recent reports that he joined Donald Trump's [...]

Sylvester Stallone has officially addressed the recent reports that he joined Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago club. Taking to Twitter, Stallone debunked the rumors in an Instagram post, writing, "I would like to say to everyone that this never happened. This is just not true. It NEVER ever happened. Stallone went on to add, "I mean no disrespect to anyone, I'm simply not a member. So Keep Punching Folks."

In a separate comment, Stallone called the rumor a "complete and utter falsehood" from an "unreliable source." Reports that Stallone became a member of Mar-a-Lago appear to have started with a Page Six story, wherein the outlet reported that "insiders" told them the 74-year-old Rocky star had been "seen posing with some fellow guests for pics, all holding up their fists in a boxing pose." The news sparked some backlash online, with many taking to social media to criticize Stallone for aligning himself with the controversial former president.

On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter published a statement from one of Stallone's press representatives, clarifying that "contrary to media reports and rumors, Sylvester Stallone is officially not a member of the Mar-a-Lago Club." The rep, Michelle Bega, added, "He did not join the organization, he did not pay initiation dues." Bega went on to explain that Stallone did attend a fundraising dinner at the club in Palm Beach, Florida, but it was from that event, he "was mistakenly assumed that he was there as a member." She adds how the fundraiser in question was an event to raise money to build adoption shelters for animals.

While he is not a member of Mar-a-Lago, Stallone is no stranger to the club. He reportedly once attended an event there back in 2016, along with music industry legend Quincy Jones and other celebrities. He was seen posing for a photo with Eric Trump at the New Year's Eve event.

The Mar-a-Lago rumor comes as it was recently revealed that Stallone will not be returning to play Rocky Balboa in the Creed franchise for the series' upcoming third film. The actor himself explained that he would not be involved with the film and Michael B. Jordan, who plays Adonis Creed, later confirmed the news. It does not sound as if there is any bad blood over the creative move, however, as both men seemed to indicate that Creed 2 provided a fitting end to Rocky's journey with Adonis. Creed 3 is scheduled to debut in theaters in 2022.