Susan Sarandon Says Her Friend Was Drugged and Assaulted by a Hollywood Insider

Susan Sarandon has spoken out, claiming there are several other Hollywood predators out there that haven't been exposed yet, including one perpetrator who drugged and assaulted her friend.

Sarandon told The New York Daily News that a friend of hers — who has been in the news for coming out about an abuser — admitted she was also assaulted by another Hollywood insider, but doesn't have the strength to come forward a second time.

"Some of the women who have come forward have had other men, equally severe and cannot go through it again," Sarandon said. "I know one who told me about a drugging situation and I said, 'Are you going to come forward? Are you going to do something?' And she said she's just so worn out. Because this woman has already had to come forward with a lot. She said, 'I just don't have the strength to come forward.' "

"Everybody did give Harvey (Weinstein) a pass for the longest time and said, 'Well that's just Harvey,' " Sarandon said.

"I really am furious with the people that enabled, that delivered the girls because I know there were agents and managers that didn't allow people to go to a hotel room for an interview or went with them," the A Bad Moms Christmas star continued.


Since dozens of women came forward with allegations of harassment and sexual assault against Weinstein, the Hollywood exec has been blacklisted from the industry that made him famous.