'Stranger Things' Fans Concerned After Star Joe Keery's Twitter Is Hacked

Fans are expressing their concern after Stranger Things star Joe Keery’s Twitter account was [...]

Fans are expressing their concern after Stranger Things star Joe Keery's Twitter account was hacked late Sunday night. According to Metro, the group behind the hacking appears to be the Chuckling Squad, the very group that managed to hack Twitter founder Jack Dorsey's account last summer.

The hackers seemingly broke into the account in the late evening hours, with fans overseas being the first to take notice. Within a span of just a few hours, the hackers sent out dozens of tweets filled with racist comments and other offensive messages. In one tweet, the hackers wrote that Keery was "molested" on the Stranger Things set, while another read, "I Have Corona Virus, I'm Going To Meet Juice WRLD Now." Several other tweets targeted Keery's Stranger Things co-stars, including Finn Wolfhard and Gaten Matarazzo.

The slew of offensive comments immediately sparked worry among fans. As the tweets continue to publish, many fans took to the social media platform begging for Keery to wake up and realize what was going on. Many others slammed the people behind the hacking.

Many people urged others to act, suggesting that they "report" the account so that it could be handled before it went any further. One person said that they "hope they are working on this now and that he's okay," calling the hack "a bad" one. Reacting to the hack, another person pointed out that Keery's "privacy has been invaded & information about his projects could've been released, his friends' & families' privacy is effected too."

"Can we all do this for Joe Keery please. If you have already done it a million times great! It's just that it's obvious that Twitter hasn't seen it. So let's blow up Twitter and make them get rid of Joe Keery's hacker," tweeted one fan alongside an image of them going through the process of reporting the hackers.

At this time, Keery has not responded to the hacking. His Twitter account seems to have been suspended and is not currently accessible, according to Digital Spy. It is unclear how long it will take for Keery to regain control of his account.