Soulja Boy Involved in 'Very Bad Car Accident' During Mudslide

Rapper Soulja Boy was reportedly in a devastating car crash on Saturday night following the flash floods and mudslides near Malibu, California.

Parts of California are still struggling to recover from the Woolsey Fire, which left the land dry and ashen. This created the ideal circumstances for flash floods and mudslides, which happened on Saturday night. Soulja Boy tweeted that he had become a victim of these natural disasters, though the details were sparse.

Soulja Boy retweeted several news outlets posting about the devastating flash floods. He showed pictures and videos of mud avalanches covering the road, and cars sinking into the dirt.

"Was involved in a very bad car accident last night due to a flash flood and mud slide," he wrote in a now-deleted tweet. Later, he re-framed his accident in the context of many others. He re-tweeted a picture of two cars stuck in the mud, adding his own story.

"My car got stuck too," Soulja boy wrote, "almost went into the ocean." He included a prayer-hands emoji in the tweet.

By the looks of it, Soulja Boy was not the only one in danger. A huge swath of the Pacific Coast Highway became impassable overnight, leaving many travellers caught in dangerous positions with no way out.

Soulja Boy retweeted prayers and well-wishes from fans and colleagues, who were glad he made it out okay. He also retweeted emergency aid information for other victims, and advice on how to avoid the dangerous scene.

Ultimately, the highway was closed just after 7 p.m. local time on Saturday night, and no more cars were allowed through, according to CBS News Los Angeles. The traffic build-up was a small price to pay for sparing so many from the disaster. The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for the southern part of L.A. County, and a flood advisory for the entire county itself.

This disaster is an eventuality many were warning about even during the wildfires in California late last year. The burn-scarred land was covered in a layer of non-absorbent ash, and with no way to seep into the earth, the water ravaged structures on the surface.

"This is a dangerous situation. Persons within the Camp Fire Burn Area need to be alert for the potential of mud and debris flows. These flows could impact area roadways, hill sides, and local streams and creeks," read a statement from the national Weather Service.


"If you observe movement of soils, debris, or large amounts of water, you should move to higher ground immediately. Do not drive through water flowing across roadways," the statement added.