'SNL' Alum Chris Redd Released from Hospital, Reveals Attacker Used Brass Knuckles

Chris Redd is still recovering from his bloody encounter on Thursday outside of New York's famous Comedy Cellar. The SNL alum was left bloody by the attack and was rushed to a hospital shortly after, canceling his planned shows this weekend.

He was still in good condition upon his hospitalization and was also able to recover a necklace that the assailant had attempted to grab from his neck. Police have not apprehended the suspect, but new details from Redd indicate he'll be taking precautions going forward, and the person who assaulted him used more than his fists.

According to The Daily Mail, two men were reportedly involved in the attack, while TMZ adds that one of the attackers used brass knuckles. Redd was left with two black eyes and a huge gash on his nose that required stitches and left the comedian bleeding over the sidewalk.

TMZ adds that both men were reportedly dressed as security guards, masks over their faces, and one man approached Redd as he exited his vehicle near the club. Redd has met with police about the incident, according to The Daily Mail, and has reportedly been "rocked to the core" after the incident, with a plan to use security in the future.

Redd was one of many who departed SNL over the summer, announcing his exit shortly before the new season was set to premiere. The news also preceded the reveal that Redd was romantically linked to the estranged wife of SNL co-star Kenan Thompson.

No word on if that sparked the exit at all, but Redd was part of the series for a long time and worked with Thompson on his sitcom. The Daily Mail adds that there is reportedly no animosity between the former co-stars, with Redd and Thompson's ex, Christina Evangeline, having been connected for over five years. This would be before Redd's arrival on SNL, so it shouldn't play a part in anything.

In the end, it seems like a scary incident with thieves looking to take advantage of the famous names who walk in and out of the club. Redd is on the mend and should find different outcomes going forward.