'Shameless' Star Cameron Monaghan's Heated Tweet About Being a Redhead Has Twitter Commenting Like Crazy

Shameless actor Cameron Monaghan is defending a joke he made on Twitter that had to do with him having red hair. The 26-year-old took to the social media platform on Tuesday after he deleted a joke he made about "insecure men making comments about my appearance."

"Like, are they mad because their girlfriend have a crush on me or something? Just kidding, we know they don't have girlfriends," Monaghan quipped after slamming a user-made modification to change his Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order video game character Cal Kestis' red hair color.

"Gotta love that there are insecure dudes out there who can't handle playing as a redhead," he began his tweet barrage. "Seriously, ginger hate is still a thing? We've gotta be one of the only groups left where it's not taboo to s— on us for being born or looking a certain way, right?"

After supposedly receiving heat for the joke, he tweeted, "Mannnnn Twitter really can't take a lighthearted joke. People who look different from the norm are awesome. Redheads are awesome. If someone tells you you aren't great because you are different from whatever is considered 'standard', just know you rock. The end."

Many of Monaghan's half-million followers responded to his tweet with gratitude and messages of support.

"Thank you for being a much needed source of representation for redhead boys. I didn't necessarily have it easy with mine growing up, but my friend Zach was constantly bullied for his," one Twitter user wrote. "We see so little of ourselves in media, and when we do, we're the butt of the joke."

Another fan posted a photo of himself with Monaghan at a fan event. "Cameron you were seriously so nice and awesome. Your performance is phenominal (sic) and Youre the best dont listen to the clowns!" he wrote.

"People can't take a joke man, honestly after watching Gotham, I was excited as f— to play as you in the new Star Wars," another said.

"As a fellow ginger thanks for finally being the ginger Jedi I've always wanted to see on screen!!" someone else wrote.

Monaghan continued to fight back against trolls after someone tweeted at him that "everyone will forget" the Star Wars game "by this time next month," calling Monaghan "irrelevant" and saying he "will be forgotten just like [Star Wars Battlefront II star] Janina Gavankar was."

"You literally remember Janina's name. So, um, how is she forgotten? And I thought she was great, my little troll friend," Monaghan wrote back.


Later, he posted a funny GIF of Quentin Tarantino explaining why he responds to trolls on social media.

Photo credit: Michael Kovac / Stringer / Getty