'Shameless' Alum Emmy Rossum Calls Donald Trump 'a Stain on This Country'

Actress Emmy Rossum is letting her feelings be known about President Donald Trump, even admitting that she refuses to use his name at this point. Referring to him by his number in presidency, she referred to Trump as a "stain on this country" in a tweet. "I'm not even using his name anymore. 45 is a stain on this country," she wrote.

The Shameless actress received mixed reviews on her post, some either in favor and others not so much. "I really don't know how people can dislike Trump this much. If anyone else did what he has done since taking office, people would say they are a great president. Once he's no longer in office and the country goes back to crap, people will then start to understand what he's done," one user replied.

Someone else wrote, "Good point. But can we just say 44.000000456 instead? He's not a president so the #45 will be skipped when history is written." She's not the only person in the public eye posting their dismay towards Trump and his family. Along with Rossum, Bradley Whitford accused Trump's son, Eric Trump for stealing money from a cancer charity. The actor wrote a tweet replying to Eric showing his disapproval for the NFL after the Dallas Cowboys were given the okay to protest against the national anthem; Whitford then said, "You stole money from a cancer charity."

According to a Forbes article, this may be true. While there are no documented receipts, allegedly Eric and his foundation, the Eric Trump Foundation, who hosts an annual golf invitational on behalf of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, at the family's golf club, was potentially getting paid to host. While he claimed that since it's the Trump National Golf Club, no money needs to be used to pay for the courses, however, out of the millions of dollars that have been raised over a decade, there may have been roughly $1.2 million that was funneled back to the family business.


There have also been raised eyebrows towards $500,000 being re-donated to various charities outside of St. Jude, specifically charities that, in turn, pay the Trumps for their golf course to host other charitable events at. So while there's massive speculation surrounding this, needless to say, there's been more than a few in Hollywood who have posted their disapproval of the Trump family. In contrast, others have shown their undeniable support.