Royal Role Models for Prince William's Kids Revealed

Prince Edward and Duchess Sophie are setting the perfect example for Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis on leading successful lives as 'spares to the heir.'

Prince William and Kate Middleton's three children are growing up, and while Prince George is following in his father's footsteps as future King, the couples' two youngest kids, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, are finding "excellent role models" in two other members of the British royal family. Prince Edward and his wife Duchess Sophie, who have stepped up in recent weeks amid King Charles III and the Princess of Wales' cancer diagnoses, are said to be exemplary examples for the two youngest Wales children on how to conduct themselves as "spares," or even "spares to the spare."

"They have always been quietly devoted to their various causes, but their work has been overshadowed by other royals. I suppose every cloud has a silver lining... and as the King calls on them to take a more prominent role, Edward and Sophie are showing they are very much up to the task," former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond told OK! Magazine.

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Edward, Charles' youngest brother, and his wife have taken on more prominent roles in recent weeks amid the turmoil surrounding the British royals. Last week, the royal couple watched French soldiers parade in the Buckingham Palace forecourt to mark 120 years of friendly relations between the two countries. Bond said the pair "thoroughly deserve the recognition they are now getting," adding that their ascension is also setting a perfect example for Charlotte and George as to how they can lead successful lives as working royals.

"They are also serving as excellent role models to their great nephews and niece – showing that you can be a 'spare' or even a 'spare to the spare' and make a real success of working as a valued member of the Royal Family," Bond shared.

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While it is uncertain what the future holds for Charlotte, 8, and Louis, 5, it's no secret that being the "spare to the heir" isn't always an easy life, and William and Kate are said to be "acutely aware of the problems" their youngest children face. However, the parents are hoping to forge a different path for their three kids, with Bond noting that "they have already shown that they have a different and modern attitude to bringing up royal children and I'm sure they will do everything to make Charlotte and Louis feel every bit as special, loved and valued as George...They have emphasised from the start that they want their children to understand that having empathy with others is not only a kindness, but is rewarding as well."