Robin Williams' Daughter Zelda Fulfills Her Destiny With On-Point Halloween Costume

Zelda Williams, the daughter of the late Robin Williams, marked her latest Halloween in a remarkably fitting fashion. After years of people tirelessly pointing out that she was named after the video game series The Legend of Zelda (and the titular princess character), she dressed up as the series protagonist, Link. She wore his signature green garb and cracked a joke about breaking pots, one of the Nintendo game series' most frequent mechanics.

Everyone in Williams' replies seemed to love that she leaned into her namesake for the costume, and commented accordingly.

"Zelda dresses as Link. Welp. Everyone pack it up. She won Halloween," one fan wrote.

Another onlooker wrote, "Your father would be proud."

A third added, "This is it. Halloween's winner right here. Everyone else, well done on your costumes, you did great, but this right here gets my pick."

She followed up her initial tweet with two more posts about the outfit, one where she imitated Link throwing chickens around and another showing off the full ensemble.

Fans loved this photo, as well, and showered her with more praise.

"For the first time is correct to say that the correct name is Zelda instead of Link!" an admirer wrote.

A second commented, "You are a gift to the world. This wins Halloween for me."

Ian Hecox, one of the founders of the Smosh comedy brand, cracked a joke about the costume, poking fun at how many people think that Link's name is Zelda, not knowing that the princess he saves in each game is the real Zelda.

"Great Zelda cosplay! Zelda is my favorite male character from the hobbit games!" Hecox said.

Others rejoiced that Williams was using her Twitter account again, but she was quick to dispel hopes that she was back on the social media platform permanently.

"Not gonna lie, stoked you're back on the twitters," one fan wrote.


Williams replied, "I'm not. Just for the Halloweiners. Then back to work tweets, charity and gifs. My life is much calmer/kinder without it"

Photo Credit: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images