Queen of Halloween Heidi Klum Reveals Cryptic Instagram Hints About Her Costume

It is officially October, and Heidi Klum is continuing to drop clues about her Halloween [...]

It is officially October, and Heidi Klum is continuing to drop clues about her Halloween costume.

The America's Got Talent judge, 45, and the unofficial Queen of Halloween is gearing up to slip into a new persona on All Hallow's Eve, and keeping with tradition, she took to Instagram last week to drop more sly clues about her festive costume.

"Here is the amazing artist Mike Marino of @prorenfx creating my prosthetics for this year's Halloween costume," she captioned the video showing Marino working on a mold of her face. "I can't wait!!!! More soon, stay tuned."

Just days later, she posted another video teasing the costume, which is being created by the same design company behind her 2015 Jessica Rabbit costume and 2013 elderly woman costume.

"I told you I'd share more soon! Here is another sneak peek at my #HeidiHalloween costume! Thanks @prorenfx, I can't wait for you all to see how it turns out," she wrote, the video showing little more than someone smoothing clay over the mold.

Klum, who has been donning extreme costumes since 2000, first teased 2018's costume back in September, when she shared a video showing of a mask being created.

"Getting ready for #heidiklumhalloween2018," she wrote at the time.

Although none of her teases have given much away, fans have already begun to speculate on what Klum has up her sleeve this year, with guesses ranging from Demogorgon from Netflix's Stranger Things, Jeppers Creepers, Amphibian (Wo)Man from The Shape of Water, and Fiona from Shrek.

In the past, Klum, who throws an over-the-top Halloween party each year, has dressed as a zombie doll, Lady Godiva on a horse, Betty Boop, a golden alien, a red witch, a vampire, a serpent, a cat, Kali, a crow, an alien, a cadaver, Cleopatra, a butterfly, a group of clones, and most recently, Michael Jackson from the late star's "Thriller" music video.