Priscilla Presley Shares Message for Lisa Marie's Twin Daughters in Honor of Birthdays

Lisa Marie Presley's twin daughters, Harper and Finley, turned 11 years old this week, and their grandmother made sure to mark the day on social media. To celebrate her granddaughters' birthday, Presley's mother, Priscilla Presley, used Instagram to share a special message for the twins, posting a colorful graphic with the words "Happy Birthday" written in a '70s-inspired font.

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"HAPPY BIRTHDAY Harper and Finley. I love you, NONA," Priscilla wrote along with a series of heart and kissing emojis.

Priscilla recently gushed about the twins while speaking with Us Weekly ahead of Graceland’s first annual Elegant Southern Style Weekend in September.

"I can’t believe they are so smart [with technology]," she shared. "I mean, they can handle the phone better than I can. They know how to Google already, they know how to draw things and characters, and oh, my gosh. They’re just little girls experiencing life and having fun."

Priscilla revealed that the girls are aware of their grandfather's fame to a certain extent at their young age.

"I don’t know how much they can understand at 10 years old. I mean, they know, of course, who he is and they love his music," she said. "And they’re in awe when they see how many people come to the vigil and light candles at the [annual] candlelit vigil [at Graceland]."

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While they're familiar with Elvis' music, Harper and Finley play it cool when they hear their famous grandpa in public.

"If they hear an [Elvis] song in a store, they’re very, um, demure about it," Priscilla said. "They, you know, they will look at each other and look at us with little smiles. So they’re very respectful."

"It’s their choice on music," the 74-year-old added of the twins' musical preferences. "We don’t force and enforce. If they want to listen to Elvis music on Sirius XM radio, absolutely. If they want to listen to their own music, absolutely."

Along with Harper and Finley, Lisa Marie is mom to son Benjamin Keough and daughter Riley Keough, the former of whom bears a striking resemblance to his famous grandfather.


"I see a little of [Elvis in Benjamin] as well, but you know, Ben very much is his own person," Priscilla said. "He strives for that so we don’t make a really big deal about it. There’s a resemblance, but we just let him be Ben, which I think is beautiful so that he can find out what he wants to do and be who he is."

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