Princess Diana's Voice Coach Weighs in on Prince Harry’s Rift With Prince William (Exclusive)

Amid continued headlines speaking of an alleged royal rift between Prince Harry and Prince William, their mother Princess Diana's former voice coach is weighing in. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture, Stewart Pearce, who served as the late royal's voice and life coach during the final years of her life, suggested that the "rift" is not rift at all, but rather two brothers, who are now adults, creating new boundaries in their relationship.

Opening up about all of the latest royal news ahead of the June 15 release of his book, Diana: The Voice of Change: Revelations About Diana's Life Principles, Pearce hit back at those headlines claiming trouble within the royal family. According to Pearce, "the 'rift' stated by the British Press… was simply created by the media," and despite what those tabloids may say, "within the internal dynamics of the brothers' relationship, they were exploring a difference in attitude and opinion." Noting that Harry and William have a "deep loving relationship," he added that "disagreement in this context enables the two brothers to psychologically define another aspect" of their bond. Pearce went on to explain that following their lived experiences, the two brothers are now developing new boundaries.

"Having been implicitly welded together through the fusion of grief during and after their mother's death, having both married beautiful women of their own choosing, they are now developing appropriate boundaries apart to heal any remaining conflicts that understandably were aroused, particularly concerning the abandonment issues we all experience as children if a major figure like 'Mum' perishes," he said. "Who knows what projections may be created by the individual and collective psyche of certain press individuals who can uplift or diminish someone's public face by writing about their character!"

While members of the royal family have acknowledged that theirs is no different when it comes to family troubles, Harry himself has also said that while his relationship with his brother "is space at the moment…time heals all things." Similar to Pearce's words, Harry told Oprah Winfrey that he loves his brother "to bits" and they have "been through hell together and we have a shared experience but we are on different paths."


Although currently separated by an ocean, the brothers are set to reunite in July when they attend the unveiling of a statue of their late mother. The unveiling will coincide with what would have been Diana's 60th birthday, with Pearce more than two decades after her tragic death, "Diana's legacy shines on through her spirit continuing to be a figurehead for the liberation of women globally" and "her contribution rests as bedrock for" a number of "growing movements." Along with her legacy continuing to "inspire the many charities she supported," Pearce said it also lives on "with all the initiatives set up now and in the future by the Princes William and Harry."