Pedro Pascal's Zodiac Signs Revealed in Interview

Pedro Pascal believes in true "star" power. When asked about "star signs" and astrology during a recent press interview with MTV, The Last of Us star discussed his zodiac sign. After revealing his "big three," which includes your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign, the astrology community on Twitter went into a frenzy. As a result of the Chilean-born American actor's decision to divulge his astrological information, more than one attempt was made to study his birth chart in detail. Pascal was born on April 2, 1975, making him an Aries sun. During his interview with MTV, he described Aries as the "best" but also "kind of the worst" because they "don't do in-between." 

According to Stylecaster, the reason he says this is because Aries is ruled by impulsive, driven, and passionate Mars, making them people who are either all in or all out. They often make snap decisions and don't look back. Aries, according to Stylecaster, are ruled by the impulsive, driven, passionate Mars, which makes them people who either do all in or all out, which is why Pascal describes them to MTV as "the best" but also "kind of the worst" because "they don't do in-between." Aries tend to make impulsive decisions without looking back. Some celebrities who share Pascal's Aries Sun include Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Eddie Murphy, Seth Rogen, and Paul Rudd.

In addition, he revealed his moon sign, which is Capricorn. "The Capricorns get a bad rap, don't they," he said in the interview, "they're like too serious." According to Metro UK, moon signs describe a person's inner self, subconscious or instinctive emotions, and desires. The outlet notes that with a Capricorn Moon, Pascal is known for his ambition and pre-planned strategies in lieu of allowing things to unfold naturally. Capricorn Moons also possess a strong work ethic, which makes sense considering his busy schedule. Among the celebrities whose moons are under the Capricorn sign are Reese Witherspoon, Brad Pitt, Dwayne Johnson, Matt Damon, Stevie Nicks, Johnny Depp, and Cher.

Despite this, Pascal is not sure of his rising sign (also known as his ascendant). Since he does not know his exact birth time, he says he could either be a Gemini rising or a Cancer rising. "There's a debate because I can't seem to track down my birth certificate, and my dad says one thing, and I thought it was another, so I'm either Gemini rising or Cancer Rising, The Mandalorian star said. Metro UK says Gemini, which Mercury rules, is known as a sign of social butterfly qualities and a sense of humor, two qualities that the Game of Thrones alum possesses as well. However, it is also common for them to be mischievous or difficult to read. 

Pascal's storytelling abilities and bilingualism are also two reasons he is suspected of being a Gemini Rising. The outlet notes that as a Water sign, Cancer values home, family, comfort, and talking things out. Pascal could fit the bill as a Cancer rising due to his nurturing and caring nature. There can only be certainty once astrologers find out what time Pascal was born, but Pascal's popularity is going nowhere soon, and the astrology community will be busy figuring out his position in the zodiac while they wait.