Paris Jackson 911 Call Reveals Neighbor Called Paramedics During Medical Emergency

Newly released 911 call audio shines some light on the medical emergency Paris Jackson faced earlier in March. The daughter of pop superstar Michael Jackson was reportedly hospitalized for an alleged suicide attempt, a claim Jackson swiftly denied online at the time.

Reports from TMZ and The Blast said that police and paramedics were called to Jackson's home on the morning of the incident, rushing her to the hospital after she reportedly "accidentally cut her arm" according to InTouch.

The 911 call reveals it was a neighbor that initially called for help after a friend of Jackson's knocked on their door on March 16.

"My neighbor downstairs...I don't know the situation," the neighbor, identified as Gabriel Glenn, said on the call. The dispatcher would later ask them to go down near the patient and provide details on Jackson's state until paramedics could arrive.

"Try to get next to her," the emergency dispatcher said. "It's very important. Have her stay still, nothing to eat or drink. Fire department is on the way."

The tense phone call gives us a clearer look inside the moment. Since Jackson's hospitalization and release, information has been sketchy and unconfirmed. An LAPD spokesman initially reported that the call was in reference to an alleged suicide attempt at Jackson's residence. She has denied these reports, calling them "lies lies lies [oh my God] and more lies" on Twitter following her release from the hospital.

According to a source in The Daily Mail, the incident occurred when Jackson was "partying really hard" on the night in question. The source then details what allegedly happened before 911 was called.

"It turned into a pretty crazy night and she had been acting a little out of control," the source told The Daily Mail. "But she says she accidentally cut her arm with kitchen scissors and it wasn't a suicide attempt. At the hospital she continued acting wildly and the doctors wanted to keep her in for observation for at least three days."

The Daily Mail report also indicates her friends "promised to get her into rehab" to secure her release. Despite all of this, the alleged suicide reports seem to be born out of confusion, something the call supports.

Other reports indicated that Jackson's behavior may be the result of the documentary Finding Neverland bringing up the alleged darker aspects of her father's past.


"Of course she's upset about the allegations against her dad and everyone being up in her business," the source tells The Daily Mail. "But not suicidal."

Since the incident, Jackson is reportedly "turning her life around" and has been seen out and about with friends and boyfriend Gabriel Glenn. She indicated to paparazzi that things were fine in her life, maintaining that the reporting around her medical emergency was "lies" and manufactured to "sell."