Paris Hilton Calls Kim Kardashian 'Really Brave' Studying to Become a Lawyer

Paris Hilton is standing by her longtime pal Kim Kardashian on her journey to become a lawyer.

The hotel heiress told PEOPLE Thursday of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, "She's always been such a brilliant person, she's always been so organized, she's always cared about others. I could see her being a brilliant lawyer, for sure."

Confirming how "really passionate" Kardashian is about her recent work in criminal justice reform, Hilton gushed, "She's not even a lawyer yet and she's already helped release people from prison and made a difference in people's lives."

"So I think she's really passionate about it and I really applaud her for doing that because it's something that takes a lot of work," she continued. "It's really brave and I think a lot of people underestimate her."

Since revealing her legal ambitions earlier this year, the KKW Beauty founder explained that while her path to taking the California Bar might not be traditional, she is working with a mentor legal team at least 18 hours a week for the next four years.

"I've seen some comments from people who are saying it's my privilege or my money that got me here, but that's not the case," Kardashian defended of her goals on Instagram after making her announcement. "One person actually said I should 'stay in my lane.' I want people to understand that there is nothing that should limit your pursuit of your dreams, and the accomplishment of new goals. You can create your own lanes, just as I am."

Earlier this month, the reality personality admitted on her E! reality show, "My goal in 10 years would be to give up being Kim K. and focus on this, and be an attorney and fight for so many deserving people."

"It's so much fun, but it's kind of crazy because I'm learning as I go," she added of her work. "I spend more time on this than I do on anything else. ...I won't have time for events, for favors, for friends, for literally anything for four years."


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Photo credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian