Nick Cannon Shouldn’t Have Apologized for Anti-Semitic Rant, Master P Says

Master P is the latest celebrity to chime in on the Nick Cannon anti-semitic controversy that saw the host fired from ViacomCBS on July 15. The music mogul provided a controversial take on the situation, saying that he was disappointed in seeing Cannon have to apologize for his remarks. He shared with TMZ that he hated the fact that Cannon had to do that, believing he "shouldn't have did that."

News of Cannon's removal from ViacomCBS came as a result of comments he made on his podcast, Cannon's Class. The episode came out two weeks prior but was filmed a year before, featuring he and Professor Griff speaking back-and-forth about conspiracy theories. Cannon explained that what was discussed was not hateful. "You can't be anti-Semitic when we are the Semitic people," he explained. After the controversy emerged and he began to lose the backing of some of his employers, Cannon issued a message on Facebook.

The Wild 'N Out host stated that he does not condone hate speech "nor the spread of hateful rhetoric." In his Facebook post, Cannon never directly apologized for the remarks, instead urging more open conversation and accountability by saying, "in a time like 2020 we got to have these conversations." His comments struck a chord with many, even sparking a heated response from Goldberg.

The wrestling icon sent a joint message to Cannon, DeSean Jackson, Stephen Jackson and Malik Jackson, all of whom have been in the news the past few weeks for anti-Semitic comments or support. Goldberg explained how he has been "stewing" in the wake of the hurtful comments. "My initial thoughts on this matter were very I held back. I don't freely offer my opinions especially in today's society but enough is enough. I don't have a military background but logic would tell me that one of the first rules of engagement is properly identifying your enemy. Please educate yourselves before you open your mouth. We are all in this together. You attack the Jewish people you attack me."

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Dwayne Wade found himself in some hot water after posting a tweet appearing to support Cannon. In a since-deleted tweet, Wade wrote, "We are with you [Black fist emoji] Keep leading." He went back and removed it two hours later, clarifying his comment by saying he did not condone what was said but supporting Cannon for owning his mistake.


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