‘NCIS’ Alum Pauley Perrette Sparks Backlash Among Fans Following Latest Photos

NCIS alum Pauley Perrette has sparked backlash among her fans, following some photos she shared before going to the hospital. On Tuesday evening, Perrette took to Twitter to share a photo of her wounded hand, which she injured while doing some repairs around her home. A few hours later, she revealed that she had gone to the hospital, because the wound had gotten worse. The 50-year-old actress eventually issued a thankful message to fans that supported her and offered suggestions for what to do about the injury.

After that, Perrette came back to address the "haters" who criticized her for doing her own home repairs, saying that she is "a rough and tumble Alabama kid who hurts her redneck self sometimes."

Many took issue with her comments, seeing them as overly aggressive, and fired back.

"If you're (truly) accident prone, you might want to consider having someone else do stuff for you," one critic stated. "Accidents happen whether you are 'prone.' "

"We are not haters we just notice you seem to hurt your self a lot. But I'm proud of you for doing ya own repairs," another said.

Notably, not everyone hit back at Perrette, as many of her fans continued to be supportive.

"Don't even give the haters the time of day....those of us that care know how handy you are and we love you for it. The haters will hate no matter what so just ignore them. They are not with your time," one fan offered.

"Good for you doing as much as you can yourself. I am 68 and I do the same thing. Sometimes I get nicks,cuts and bumps and bruises—That's life. I am not one of the elite that can or would hire everything done," another fan tweeted back.