Millions Still Watch Jeremy Clarkson's Farm Show Despite Meghan Markle Rant

Jeremy Clarkson has seen success following his controversial rant against Meghan Markle. His show, Clarkson's Farm, has become Amazon Prime Video's most viewed original show in the UK since the country's ratings body started collecting data on the major streaming services in the country. According to Barb, the official audience research group, nearly 4.3M TV viewers were watching Jeremy Clarkson's farming show's Season 2 premiere on TV sets, Deadline reported. It was higher than The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which launched last September with 3.2 million viewers, and was comfortably Amazon's strongest-rated show since Barb began reporting viewing figures for streamers in November 2021, according to a Deadline analysis.

For the week ending February 12, Clarkson's Farm appeared 16th on a list of the most-watched shows in the UK, surpassing a number of network giants, including The Brit Awards and Love Island on the ITV network. During the week in question, Clarkson's Farm episodes two and three were also among Barb's top 50 shows, garnering nearly 3.8 million and 3.3 million viewers, respectively. In the figures, only people who view televisions are included, which means that viewing on mobile devices is not included in the statistics. Clarkson's Farm, produced by Expectation, was released soon after the presenter was embroiled in controversy following a column he wrote in The Sun newspaper regarding Markle.

Clarkson wrote that he "hates" the Duchess of Sussex and that she should be made to "parade naked through the streets of every town in Britain," a reference to a scene from Game of Thrones. Later, he apologized, "all the way from the balls of my feet to the follicles on my head." He said, "This is me putting my hands up. It's a mea culpa with bells on." It didn't stop sources from telling Variety that Clarkson's contract would not be renewed beyond 2024, ending Clarkson's Farm and The Grand Tour. Amazon didn't confirm or deny the report, Deadline reported. The people from Expectation were puzzled by the report that Clarkson had been canceled and that Amazon didn't communicate its intention to end the show to producers. According to Deadline, a third season of Clarkson's Farm is currently filming, and a new Grand Tour episode is in post-production, followed by two more to come. According to sources, it is common for Amazon to refuse renewals before new episodes air.