Lizzo's Lakers Outfit Revealing Her Backside Has Fans Fuming on Social Media

Lizzo is continuing to bare skin for her followers, but her revealing outfit at the Los Angeles [...]

Lizzo is continuing to bare skin for her followers, but her revealing outfit at the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves game Sunday night is generating some backlash. After the rapper showed up wearing a black t-shirt dress with the backside cut out to reveal her bare behind, many felt that the outing, and her outfit of choice, were inappropriate, some even calling for the Staples Center to ban her.

You can see a photo of the controversial outfit by clicking here.

Although some praised the rapper for her continued message of body positivity, after images and video of the outfit began appearing online, social media flooded with backlash.

"I always defend Lizzo because she has every right to be completely comfortable in her own body," one person tweeted. "However I don't agree with her being ass out at a Lakers game. Kids do not need to be exposed to that."

"I used to Stan Lizzo but she's doing way too much. Sis why is your ass out at a lakers game? Like u going to sit on the ppl seats bare assed in a thong?" another wrote. "There's a way to represent your tribe, THIS AINT IT!"

"They should ban Lizzo from Lakers games for eternity," one person wrote after seeing the performer's outfit.

"I hope staples never let Lizzo in again for a Lakers home game," another commented.

"i'm here for the body positivity but lizzo is a 31yo grown adult there's gotta be a better way to express that sentiment than asshole out at the lakers game," tweeted another.

Although her outfit appeared to generate plenty of controversy, the rapper seemed to brush off the head and was seen enjoying her night. At one point during the game, a social media user even captured on the video the moment was seen on the jumbotron twerking courtside as the Laker Girls danced to her song "Juice."

Speaking with FOX Sports, Lizzo also revealed who she was rooting for.

"I'm personally cheering for No. 32," she said, speaking of Timberwolves player Karl-Anthony Towns, according to E! News. "That's my baby!"

Lizzo's revealing Sunday outfit marked just the latest in a string of skin-bearing outfits in recent weeks. After a stellar performance at the 2019 American Music Awards, the singer stripped down to red lingerie for sultry photo shoot. Just last week, the "Truth Hurts" singer again wowed her fans when she shared a video of herself crawling on the floor nude.