'Little Rascals' Star Brandon 'Bug' Hall Arrested After Allegedly Huffing Air Duster Cans

Little Rascals star Brandon "Bug" Hall was arrested in Weatherford, Texas over the weekend for allegedly huffing air duster cans. Hall, who played the role of Alfalfa in the popular '90s films, was taken in by the Weatherford Police Department following the incident. Officers responded to a call for a possible overdose, according to TMZ, when he was found inside a hotel huffing air duster cans.

According to Fox News, a police report stated that a "status check" call was made for a possible "overdose poisoning." However, TMZ is reporting that one of his family members was the one who made the call requesting that the police check on him as they were worried about his well-being. When officers arrived on the scene, they knocked on the door and shortly after Hall answered is when they noticed a lot of air duster cans — typically used for keyboards — all over the room. When they asked him if he was huffing them, without hesitation the actor admitted to it.

As a result, Hall was arrested on the spot for misdemeanor possession for use to inhale or ingest a volatile chemical. When officers arrested the 35-year-old, the outlet was told he didn't put up any sort of fight or resist in any form. He was then transported to a local county jail and held on a $1,500 surety bond.

Hall is married to wife Jill DeGroff and they share two daughters together. The actor who was born in Fort Worth, Texas, recently moved back to the lone star state with his family. By the looks of his Instagram, Hall and his family really enjoy the outdoors, including hiking and taking beautiful photos of their adventures together.

While Hall was a child star after his beloved role as Alfalfa, he didn't stop there. He went on to continue his journey in Hollywood acting and playing behind-the-scenes roles on several other films and shows. Following the 1994 role, he went on to star as Buster Stupid in The Stupids in 1996. More recently, his latest project is the comedy This Is the Year where he co-wrote the script with David Henrie. He's also starring in it as the role of Donnie. He also signed on to star in the drama The Long Run and recently played a major roles in North Blvd in 2018, The Shadow People in 2017 and Harley and the Davidsons in 2016.