Lauren London Gets Honest About Jonah Hill Relationship in Netflix's 'You People'

Lauren London is getting real about her relationship with Jonah Hill in their new Netflix film You People. The 38-year-old actress recently spoke to Haper's Bazaar and admitted she was nervous about playing Hill's love interest in the movie. She was approached to play the role by director Kenya Barris who is the creator of the ABC series black-ish and a writer of the successful 2017 movie Girls Trip. 

"Why would these two people really like each other?" London asked. "They're from two totally different worlds, and if you see them, you would never think that they would meet or hang out, whatever the case is," she said. "It was a conversation on connecting with people genuinely and going for the soul connection."

London was also asked about her and Hill's connection on screen and how surprised how they got along very well. "I'm a Black woman; he's a white man," London said before talking about her and Hill's connection. "We actually have a lot in common in our lives — some of our experiences and some of the ways we look at life and some of the ways we've taken life in," she told the magazine. "And also, growing up in L.A., though we grew up in different areas… We're both L.A. kids from the same era."

You People was released on Netflix last week are remains the No. 1 movie on the streaming service. As the synopsis states, "A new couple and their families find themselves examining modern love and family dynamics amidst clashing cultures, societal expectations and generational differences in this comedy from Kenya Barris." You People also stars Julio Louis-Dreyfus, Eddie Murphy, David Duchovny and Nia Long

When speaking on the People Every Day podcast, London talked about how the movie helped her learn about her Jewish heritage. "My dad is Jewish, my mom is black," London stated, per PEOPLE. "I just grew up with my mother in my household. I didn't grow up with my dad living with us. My parents divorced when I was really young. I was three, so my experience is of my mother's experience because I just grew up with a single black mom."